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Great thesis (thank you). Now you have to answer the big question: why should the US implement a cross-country high-speed rail system? Answering this question in a series of what we'll refer to as “because clauses,” will fill out the body of your paper. These will be the reasons why your audience should support your
3. Main reason(s): One or more specific pieces of evidence you will develop in your essay as support for your argument; this may appear in a “because” clause in the thesis statement. 4. Repeated term: The connection between your assertion and claim is often manifested by a repeated term in the subject of both clauses.
The BECAUSE CLAUSE is the second part of an Effective and well-written THESIS STATEMENT.
in the nation's interest, but because it provided a concrete enemy for people to focus on. • Read through your thesis again, and re-word vague words and phrases to be more specific. III. APPROACHES TO CONSTRUCTING A THESIS. • Approach #1 – Start with a Concession: Use a concessive clause, such as although,
You only need a rough or working thesis to start drafting a paper so long as you are willing to look critically at that working thesis once you start writing and/or ... The function of a thesis statement in a college essay is much like a lawyer's opening argument. .... The rationale clause is sometimes called the because clause.
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Step 3: Using a because clause, convert the resolution into a sentence that states your position on the issue and provides a main rationale for that position [= rough thesis]. A. Cats should be subject to least laws because they are inveterate wanderers. B. Writing classes should not be abolished because many students are
A dependent clause cannot stand alone as a complete sentence; it always clarifies the independent idea: Since free period time is for socializing,. Because it's the best place in the school for students to interact with each other,. Here are some examples of complex sentence structures that can work for your thesis statement:
State this as a complete sentence. • Why do you believe this? State your reasons in a “because” clause. • Why would someone disagree with this? State the opposing opinion in an “although” clause. Now put it together to form a working thesis: “Although” clause + Stance on topic + “Because” clause = Complete (working)
Theis statements make an accurate and clear promise to readers of what comes next. Think of it as a road map, not the journey taken. A Thesis does not "hedge" and has two parts: a claim and a "because clause". Some writers become "swashbucklers" and make claims that are too broad or absolute. The Thesis is the major

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